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IAS is a Part 145 MRO and a Part M/G CAMO organisation with several additional approvals based at Teuge airport (EHTE). The company holds a large scope of work ranging from small GA aircraft up to business jets and performs a wide range of technical services.


The position becomes available by the end of November 2018.


Within IAS the QM main responsibilities are:


  • development and management of the company’s Quality System;
  • management of the annual internal audit program;
  • responsible for the follow up with regards to audit reports;
  • responsible for the Certifying- and Airworthiness Review Staff Records;
  • responsible for the assessment and approval of Certifying- and Airworthiness Review Staff applications according to the AFTM;
  • responsible for the planning and correct execution of the required staff initial and continuation trainings;
  • responsible for development and execution of various trainings;
  • responsible for the amendment status of the various manuals;
  • has the authority to (on reasonable grounds) issue, suspend or revoke the authorisations of the staff;
  • has the authority to suspend maintenance activities when not in compliance with the regulations or procedures.

Job requirements:


  • MTS/HTS or equivalent level of education;
  • a relevant engineering degree or an aircraft maintenance license with additional education acceptable to the CAA-NL;
  • extensive knowledge of the Part-145, Part-M and Part-66 regulations;
  • proven knowledge of quality systems and quality management;
  • knowledge of a relevant sample of the aircraft types managed by the CAMO through a formalised level 1 training course;
  • proven records of received auditing training;
  • formal acceptance by the CAA-NL by means of an EASA Form 4;
  • Experience in the General Aviation industry is a plus.

Interested? Submit your job application to jobs@interaviationsupport.com together with your resumé.

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